Monday, November 11, 2013

Melbourne day 2

Ellie: oh sun!!! Glorious sun!!! I miss the sun!
Abby: *grumble grumble* It's so hot!! Go away sun!!
Ellie: Oh shut up. The weather here generally favors you.
Abby: *grumble grumble* Princess.

*wandering about after leaving Chinatown and getting lost*
Ellie: Hey, isn't that Flinder's Street station?
Abby: Nah, I think that's further away. Sure looks like it tho. Maybe it's a different station.

*draws closer*

Ellie: Hey, it IS Flinder's station
Abby: OMG how far did we walk??
(Apparently we walked 4 miles. OMFG)

Abby: still happy
Ellie: less miserable than day 1

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